Saturday, 7 May 2011


Its come to my attention that there is someone on Ebay taking copies of our Cards and then using them to create CDs with our work on, and claiming that they are to give the purchaser ideas to create their own cards. Its not the fact that we dont mind giving others ideas or inspiration, what is annoying is that this person is profiting from our work and its got to stop, Bev is starting up a Forum to try and stop these people doing this. So if youd like to be part of this crusade please pop across and register yourselves.


Janette said...

Hi Shirley, this awful news is all over blogland today, it is shocking, I will pop over and sign


Hi Shirley - I am stunned. This is the first I've heard of it and thank you for making us all aware. I will pop over straight away and register.
Hugs, as always - Sylvia xx

Crafty Chris said...

I never think my cards are good enough to copy, but it is a cheek seen this over on Vicky's blog and she wrote to her, but the cd is still there, some people just dont care who they annoy.
Chris x

Angela said...

I agree, this person should be stopped!! Our work is freely available to anyone who wishes to look via our blogs, it is not there for someone else to make money from.
There have been many discussions about it this week on the Stampin' Up! forums too.
Angela x

Christine said...

Flipping eck Shirley will this thieving never end..cant believe how low folks can get..
its an insult to ALL the clever crafting bloggers in blog land...this has gone on for a long time (thieving) thats why peeps should mark their work with name & blog addy..thanks for shairng

smiles Christine xx

Teresa said...

Hi Shirley,
I'm already registered over there and I've been told my cards have been taken and used on a cd , I'm disgusted that someone would stoop so low to do this to us. I will get a logo on my blog too as soon as ones available. Teresa xx

coldwaters2 said...

Gosh Shirley when will these people start playing fair....I have just been over and signed up.
Lorraine x

Tracy said...

Thanks Shirley, I've signed up, I haven't seen the CD's on e-bay, I couldn't find any, but it's terrible isn't it and the people who's work is stolen must feel really angry.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Doreen said...

Ooh my blood boils, is nothing sacred anymore. I have signed up Shirley and thanks for the

Alison said...

Thanks for the 'heads up' Shirley.
I joined the forum last night and, like you, it will be interesting to see the Masculine Cards CD when it is uploaded.
Hugs, Alison x

Autumn Mist said...

Goodness, I can hardly believe that someone wants to do such a thing, what a cheek! Thanks for highlighting this, I'll go and have a look now.

Dorcas said...

What on earth?????? Ive got to go check this out. Thanks Shirley!

brenda said...

Hi Shirley

I am not sure if this is the same one, but one was brought to my attnetion a few weeks ago as it contained work taken from a craft companies gallery and has been under investigation.

I will forward make them aware of this in case it's a different one.

B x

brenda said...

That does not read quite right does it, so just to be clear the vendor of the CVD is under investigatuion, not the craft company.

Also perhaps a relevant time to mention that it was also brought to my attention a repoprt written by the BBC regadring someone from blogland being fined for shill bidding their work on ebay.

I reiterate all of this is hearsay and I am merely passing on what I have been told/read.

B x