Jules Christmas Tree Tutorial

Copic Pen Tutorial

How to create extra pages at the top of your Blog

Good Morning all, I decided that today I might share with you something I discovered how to do yesterday. As you can see at the top of my blog under my heading I have now got several extra pages and if youd like to know how to do it on your own blog I will guide you through the proceedure.

1. Go into your design page and under your heading click on "Add a Gadget" then scroll down the list till you come to a heading "Pages" its about 3 boxes down, click on this and it will show you that you can now add a bar to add your extra pages to, this will only show as "Home" to start of with, and the next step will give you the extra pages you want. Click Save and then go and look at your blog to make sure its there.

Once this is done the next step is relatively easy, go to "Dashboard" click on "Edit Posts" and it will give you a list of all your posts, at the top of the bar you will see under the main tabs, "New Post", "Edit Post" and "Edit Pages" and this is the one you want to click on, this is the one thats going to create your pages.

2. Click on "New Page" and it will bring up what looks like a post page (which it is) and if you then put your "Heading in the Title Page" and click on save, it will give you the next tab after the "Home" page, you can then repeat this proceedure as and when you want to add extra pages to your tab bar. Hope you find this helpful you can add upto 10 pages along this bar.

Ive done it so that I can tidy up my blog as I had it going on forever with bits and pieces, and Awards, I do hope you enjoy finding out you can do it, its relatively easy to do.

Ive been asked how you use these pages, you treat it like a continuous post, you start by clicking on the tab and then you will find a pen on the left hand side, click on this and it will take you to edit the post you then add what you want as you would a normal post, then click on save and it will then show it on that page like a normal post. You carnt drag anything that youve all ready got on your blog but you can copy and paste things in the normal way as you would a normal post. Its just one continuous post. Hope this helps.

Boxcard Tutorial
Boxcard Tutorial  - http://tina46magnolia.blogspot.com/p/ws-book-card.html
and here - http://wenchespapirverden.blogspot.com/2010/11/tutorial-pa-bok-eske.html

Drawer Box Card Tutorial
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Mergeing Digi Images

Pencil Lazy Susan

Out of the Box Tutorial
 Stage 1. Lay the die over the image and mark where the die will hit the image with a pencil so it can be rubbed out afterwards if need be.
Stage 2 remove the die and cut around the image where it hits the marks, you might need to take the cuts down slightly as the die might not go over the image without it, as you can see in the photo below.

Stage 3  Slip the die behind the image that youve cut out, then run it through your die machine.

Stage 4 This is how it looks after its been run through the die machine.

Stage 5 This is the end result, you might need to use a rubber to erase some of the marks but this is what it will look like once the die is removed.

Rolled Paper Flowers Tutorial

Stage One use Marianne Flower Dies to cut them out

Stage Two, remove from die and put it in the end of a quilling tool and roll making
a spiral then let it go and remove tool

Stage Three you then put glue on the middle bit of the spiral and push the rest of it into it.
Stage Four, repeat this with the second cut out

Stage Five, you can now see the side of the spiral ready to be fixed to the base of the
Stage Six, final photo showing both finished flowers, hope this helps.
They also have a scalloped flower die as well, you use the same
principle with any of the ways of cutting them out, you can
even use Circle dies and just cut a spiral into the middle, just make sure
you leave enough room for the base.