Thursday, 14 March 2013

Someone has hacked my contacts list on My Email Account

I want to warn many of you who have received so called emails from my yahoo email account that someone has managed to obtain my contacts list somehow and is sending out rouge emails in my name.
Please dont click on the link in these emails as they are virus's, Im so sorry to cause you any problem but I hope I have warned you in time not to open them and add the same problem to your email address contact book.


Lisa Jane said...

I know loads of people it has happened to this week.. its a right pain.. hope you get it sorted ok
Lisa x

Elborgi said...

hope nothing will happend to your friends accaunts

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Hi Shirley yes they sent one to me but I could see it was a bogus one. They did it to me last year its such a pain, don't they have anything better to do! Congratulations on Jacob's arrival he looks a darling! Hugs Susan x

mueppi said...

Liebe Shirley
mein PC wurde auch von einem Virus befallen und das gleich 2 x!!!!
Es ist so ärgerlich!
LG Gisela

Sheena said...

Hi Shirley, it seems to be a yahoo-wide thing as mine was done last week too as was 2 of my friends and we're all yahoo. It's a real pain but I think most people will know you didn't send it and that it wasn't your fault.


Claire Phillips said...

Shirley it happened to me too - apparently thousands of yahoo accounts. I had received a similar e-mail the day before and hadn't opened it but still ended up with it. It's hard to believe people don't have better things to with their time....and so frustrating. Baby Jacob is gorgeous....I can almost remember my Jacob being that size! Cheers Claire x