Sunday, 21 March 2010

Following in Daddys Footsteps

I just had to share this photo of my hubbys granddaughter Danu wearing Daddys Shoes, how often have our little ones tried on their parents wellies or shoes and I really love to see them shuffling around the room in them. My own daughters had a fad for their fathers wellingtons, but of course they were far to big and came right up to the top of their little legs, so could hardly move around and always fell forward in them.
But like most little ones they do love to feel grown up and of course 19 month old Danu is definitely trying to step into daddys shoes.


trudette said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment , and what a cute little girl she is ! Brings back so many memories .
have a beautiful sunday,

Sadilla said...

She's so cute and lovely!! :)

Stef H said...

too sweet!

Paula said...

So adorable Shirley.
Paula xxxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh how sweet!
Thanks for sharing Shirley she is adorable!
kim x

Christa said...

owwww so sweet hugs christa

Janette said...

It does bring back some sweet memories,sweet little girl.x

Sue said...

aww gorgeous piccie Shirley, bless her she looks ready for bed.sue,x

Claire Phillips said...

She is absolutely adorable! Hope is exactly the same she wanders round the house in all our shoes including her hads size 10's - so fun! Cheers Claire x

Mandy said...

Oh Shirley this is such a lovely photo and it made me smile bringing back memories of my daughter, bless her.
Thanks for sharing, love your new look blog
love and hugs Mandy xx

Melodie said...

This little girl is sooo sweet.

Lavender and old lace said...

ah what a cutie Dorothy