Friday, 25 June 2010

Hi Girls - Im back

Well we are back from Scotland but we are absolutely shattered, we arrived back in Gloucester about 5pm yesterday after leaving Edinburgh at 8am so you can image after driving and the stops and starts plus the hot weather you can understand why we are knackered.
I must admit its a fabulous country as you can see from the photo above, that is part of the scenery on the way to Peebles. We originally went to Glasgow to visit my eldest daughter who lives in Ashgillhead and was amazed at how beautiful the area is. We visited one of my blogging friends in Falkirk and even managed one of the Scottish Heritage homes Pollack house while we were there, then we moved onto Edinburgh to stay for five days so we could take my father in laws ashes to scatter near his familys seaside home which is in
St Monans, as you can see from the photo its a fishing port, with a very small harbour. A really lovely place then we took his dads ashes upto the most gorgeous little church or kirk as they call them here and found a lovely little place on the beach to scatter his ashes as you can see from the photo below.

This photo is of the gorgeous little church on the side of quite a steep hill, but the churchyard around it also probably holds some my hubbys family though it was a bit to hot to discover where.
After visiting St Monans we went onto St Andrews, where they play the golf tornaments and here we went into the Cathedral ruins where his grandmothers family are buried and even managed to find the tombstone, so that was a lovely surprise as luckily Ian had been to see it before.
We had unfortunately gone on a day that they were giving out the end of year certificates so there were lots of undergraduates going around in their robes with their extremely proud families. But it didnt do anything to damper our enjoyment of a really lovely old town and gorgeous Cathedral ruins.
I hope you like these photos as much as we did visiting them, though it wasnt the easiest of visits to the Fife coast we did at least feel that we had done the right thing bringing my lovely father in law back to the land of his birth. We visited his brother and sister while we were in Edinburgh and they felt we had done the right thing for him so that was a relief and they could also say their goodbyes to, plus also my husband at last could feel that he could let his dad go, especially knowing the place we had chosen was so peaceful.
We did visit a couple of our blogging friends Avril and her daughter Nikki while in the area and I want to thank them for the wonderful welcome they both gave us, and for allowing us both into their homes, bless you both and THANK YOU we really did enjoy our visits to you both.
Well Id better go and start blog hopping you must think that Ive forsaken you so dont be surprised if you seen Ive popped by later on, have loads of jobs to sort out and stamps to cut out and mount. Will be back eventually with a card but at the moment my other jobs seem to be paramount.


Angela said...

Shirley what beautiful scenery, the weather looked perfect too.
A trip with mixed emotions, but certainly one that has been very successful, I'm sure your husband will feel better knowing his other family members held the same values for their much loved father.
Look forward to your new creations soon,
Angela x

trudette, said...

Thank you for such a great blogpost, good to see you're back !

Radka said...

Beautiful blog and photos. Have a nice day Radka.

Sue said...

Hi Shirley
you have been missed, lovely to have you back, glad you had a good time, gorgeous piccies, i luv scotland, have good rest up, sue,x

Jessie said...

Welcome back Shirley, you have been missed! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wow shirley! just the thought of going to scotland sounds awesome! and such gorgeous pictures!

oh please tell me that avril is good! i haven't heard from her in a while and i've been quite worried, tho' i do know she had some computer problems. but how awesome to have met her!

glad you are back safe and sound!

Danielle said...

Beautiful pics Shirley - I loved my trips to Scotland - it is so very pretty! You certainly look like you had a wonderful time. Glad to hear you're home safely albeit tired! Rest up and look forward to seeing some cards from you soon!
Hugs, Danielle

Alysha said...

awww I am so happy you had such a good time, the pictures are great, you have been missed, love n hugs Aly xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Shirley good to have you home!
I am so very glad that your visit was a successful one and that your husband can now feel at peace.
Such beautiful photo's what stunning scenery.
kim x

sundownerin said...

Welcome back Shirley!!!
big hug!!

Rach said...

Welcome back sweetheart. Stunning pictures! wow so beautiful.. i am so glad that your trip went to plan hun and that you got to return your father in laws ashes to his home town... which is so picturesque..
Hope that you can get some rest now after your long journey. have a relaxing weekend honey... hugs Rachxx

Wishcraft said...

I'm glad your trip went well Shirley, the photos are lovely :o) Lisa x

celia said...

Hey Shirley,knap hoor de foto's.Je schoonvader heeft dankzij jullie een prachtige rustplaats gekregen, hij zal jullie hiervoor erg dankbaar geweest zijn!
Dankjewel voor je bezoekje aan mijn blog, blij je weer tussen ons te hebben! ;-)

Josephine said...

Good to have you back!

Sounds like you had a good trip, even if one of the reasons was a 'goodbye'.

chris said...

Hi Shirley, welcome home to blogland!!
looks like you have had a fab time, and looks as if the weather has been kind, my sister lives in lanockshire and we have always had rain when we go.
happy blogging I have mised you.
hugs chris xx

Anonymous said...

Shirley - thanks for the lovely pictures and welcome back here
Wish you a nice weekend

Melodie said...

Thank you for the wonderful fotos.
I wish you a very nice weekend.

Christine said...

Hi Shirley just having a nosy at your pics & read you had met up with Avril my Edinburgh Rock as I call her..hope she is well??? gorgeous pics hope you enjoyed your hols..lobg journey tho..

Hugs Christine xx

Donna said...

Beautiful photo's Shirley, looks like you had some lovely weather too, really glad to have you back home. Can't wait to see your new creations once you're all rested take it easy for a few days.
Donna xx

treesawardincrafts said...

Shirley, these photos are truly lovely. You are playing catch up and so am I. I am so far behind in my visits, that you have already been back days before I have come round to see you. Looks like you had a great time though. Hugs Teresa xxx