Thursday, 29 July 2010

Look who's having fun?

 Good Evening ladies, todays photos were taken while we spent a day at the Dick Whittington Farm Park its got facilities for the boys not only to slide but also trampoline and climb through all sorts of climbing frames, they also spent time as you can see playing with a table football game, which they really enjoying doing.
We arrived in Littledean where this Farm is at 11.23am and left at 2.45pm so you can tell they throughly enjoyed themselves, we also took a picnic and sat in a area thats been put by for this and I should also say they have a restaurant as well.
After their lunch they were back on the table playing before you could bat an eyelid, when they got bored of that we walked around the farm visiting all the animals, there were all kinds ranging from farm animals to wallabies, llama's, parrots, owls, reptiles, including snakes, spiders and small pets like chipmunks, gerbils, mice and even tropical fish in the old outhouses.
When they had finished walking around and seeing everything we took them across to the gocart track and they then spent about 30 mins rushing around chasing each other, all in all they had a fabulous day, though I must say that Nan and Gromps are feeling a little shattered and a little ratty, maybe we are just tired out.
Never mind the boys behaved so at least we carnt blame them, it must be that Im beginning to feel my age.
Well thats all for today, take care with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx



How fantastic Shirley - you are all obviously having great fun. Isn't it lovely to spend some quality time with the grandchildren. We are lined up for a few days out with ours during the school hols.
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Lavender and old lace said...

they look like great children, isnt it nice when you get a chance to spend time with them xxxxxxDorothy

Unknown said...

Shirley it sounds like your all having a wonderful time!! I love days out at these places, there's always so much to do. Have you a maze Maze near you? They make a good day out with a picnic!!!
I guess you will be ready for another holiday quite soon, enjoy your fun with the grandchildren!!!
Angela x

Elaine said...

Hi Shirley,
I'm not surprised you're feeling tired, I'm tired just looking at all your activities this week.
But the boys look like they're having such a good time, they won't want to go back home!!
I remember having lots of days out with my Nana when I was young, and look back so fondly on those times, and I still miss her after more than 30 years. These are wonderful times you are spending with them not just for you but loving, happy times for the boys to treasure.Here's to lots and lots and lots of good times together.
Love Elaine xx

Stef H said...

oh what great pictures - all 3 days of them! and such handsome boys!!!! i can just see you grinning!

hugs :)

Christa said...

hi shirley, great pictures you make, nice to see the boys have so much fun , xx christa

Spyder said...

They're having fabulous fun Shirley, but where are you!!! go on...have a go down the slide!

Poppy said...

Looks like they had fun,hope your not too tired.

Cami said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics with the grandchildren! Everyone looks like they are having so much fun. This is a beautiful place you took the children to enjoy. There are many great places to visit and I can only hope to go there some day. I'm glad you are enjoying your vacation. Hugs, Cami

Sarah said...

Looks like fun was had by all so did you try out the slide Shirley?

Janet said...

You are having a fab time with your little grandsons Shirley! I am just waiting for two of mine to arrive......Andy & not much crafting from me for a few days either!xx

Claire Phillips said...

You have been so busy with the boys - It's no wonder you are a little tired. We had a great holiday visiting farm parks and lots of similar places - must add some photos to the blog later....Cheers Claire x

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

What sweet boys and they look like they are having a blast!! I just came back from visiting with my mom and Dad. The girls had a blast with their grandparents and cousins. Glad you are enjoying family time also.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the nice pictures!
I'm back from Baltic sea- it was wonderful
Huge Elma