Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Two Fabulous Awards to Pass On

Have you ever had a day when you wish it had never been started, well today has been one of those days and I dont suppose my bad luck has finished even now as its still got another 8 hours to go. So far today my monitor has decided to smell something cronic and its humming like mad in the speakers, and after my hubby came inspected it he decided that some compacitor has burnt out and thats why its smelling like it is. Anyway Ive turned of the speakers and Im struggling along with it for today as Ive got a brand new one arriving tomorrow, so whos a lucky girl. Anyway my next foopah is I made the most terrible mistake in congratulating people to our DT for Cards for Men, when in fact Id gone and picked the wrong list and should have been congratulating the same people on their achieving the top three places with their cards for the last Challenge we had, what a daft person I am, a definitely a Senior Moment for me today, I have been and apologised and confessed my stupid mistake to my team leader and the same people, so Im sincerely hoping that they will all forgive me, but I do feel bad about it. And the third thing thats been going on here today is the weather has caused no end of problems with our internet broadband speed, its been going of and on all day and its playing havoc with my hubby he doesnt know whether to laugh or cry, as if you pay for good download speed you dont expect to receive halve do you, but who do you complain to thats what Id like to know?
Anyway lets get away from all this, as I said its been one of those days, but my next thing is I want to thank a very special lady Laura from who gave me the top two Awards, she has the most beautiful and clever blog that Ive come across, she creates wonderful scenes with figures it must take her an age to do, but they stunning. Anyway these two awards come with the usual demands that I pass them onto worthy followers and their fantastic blogs, I know this is one of the most difficult things to do to leave out some of the ones youd really feel should have them to, when you are restricted as to how many you can give it to, anyway I want to apologise to you all (again) as I feel that all of my followers deserve these and so I try to pick some that I havent picked before:
So here is my list:-

As Ive already said its always difficult to pick all the blogs youd like to pass them onto so please forgive me if I havent passed them to you this time, Im sure I will next, and I hope girls that you will accept these awards with my love and enjoy receiving them.


Heather said...

Oh Shirley ~ you are the sweetest!!! Thank you so much!!! I will repost tomorrow ... how darling you are to share this with me!

Hugs and have a lovely day!

Josephine said...

Thank you!

Arina said...



Cami said...

Oh Shirley, I'm so honored to receive these awards from you... thank you very much. I will post on my blog. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Cami

Sue said...

Hi Shirley
aww hun i hope you day is better 2moro, we all have senior moments im sure the peeps understand, huggies, sue,x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Shirley
Ahhh you are a lovely person and thinking of me.
Thanks Shirley
Big Hugs
Christine x

Janet said...

Hi Shirley,

I hope tomorrow brings a better day for you sweetie pie.....we all have bad days now and again (and senior moments lol)so chin up! I have been so busy since getting back from my hols....think I need another now lol! Managed to get a bit of blog hopping done at last....hubby watching footie....I was only interested when England was in it

Janet xx

celia said...

Hey Shirley, I'm so sorry about your bad day! With such days still want to crawl back into bed! I want to congratulate you first of all awards and thank you to donate them to me!
I appreciate it greatly ! I put them on my blog tonight. Thanks to you I feel whole again motivated to continue! Thank you!Much love, Celia.

Angela said...

Thank you Shirley,hope tomorrow is a better day for you!!!
Angela x

Patricia St Martin said...

Shirley you are so sweet. Thank you so much. I got to be the day, my girlfirend called me this morning and her day is as bad as yours. She said she going back to bed. I now tomorrow will be better, so hang in there.

Elaine said...

Sorry to hear you've had a bad day Shirley. Thank you so much for thinking of me, it's very sweet of you and much appreciated. I will post them on my blog tomorrow (as it's 10.46pm and I've just turned the laptop on for a very nosey before bedtime).
Love Elaine xx

Rivien said...

Wahhooo, OMG Nannie :o)
I feel very much honoured!
Many, many thanks! I am glad very much!
Hugs and Kisses

Lisa said...

Hi Shirley, Sorry to hear about your bad day yesterday. Hope today is better!

Lisa x

Hope Jacare said...

Thanks so much Shirley - today is a new day and I'm sure will be much better...especially with a new shiney monitor. My internet has been going on and off the last week at the most inconvenient times! Thanks again - I will wear my award with pride - it's much appreciated! Cheers Claire x

Jules said...

Oh dear Shirley

I do hope that your day has improved as it has progressed.

Sounds like what I would call a "rewind please" day.

Just take comfort in the fact that tomorrow can only be better .. .. surely!!!

Love Jules xx

mi sello personal said...

Oh my dear Shirley ,you are fantastic and wonderful,we all have good and bad days,i send you all my love and i hope you feel better...Laura.