Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How to create extra pages at the top of your Blog

Good Morning all, I do have a card to post but decided that today I might share with you something I discovered how to do yesterday. As you can see at the top of my blog under my heading I have now got several extra pages and if youd like to know how to do it on your own blog I will guide you through the proceedure.

1. Go into your design page and under your heading click on "Add a Gadget" then scroll down the list till you come to a heading  "Pages" its about 3 boxes down, click on this and it will show you that you can now add a bar to add your extra pages to, this will only show as "Home" to start of with, and the next step will give you the extra pages you want. Click Save and then go and look at your blog to make sure its there.

Once this is done the next step is relatively easy, go to "Dashboard" click on "Edit Posts" and it will give you a list of all your posts, at the top of the bar you will see under the main tabs, "New Post", "Edit Post" and "Edit Pages" and this is the one you want to click on, this is the one thats going to create your pages.

2. Click on "New Page" and it will bring up what looks like a post page (which it is) and if you then put your "Heading in the Title Page" and click on save, it will give you the next tab after the "Home" page, you can then repeat this proceedure as and when you want to add extra pages to your tab bar. Hope you find this helpful you can add upto 10 pages along this bar.

Ive done it so that I can tidy up my blog as I had it going on forever with bits and pieces, and Awards, I do hope you enjoy finding out you can do it, its relatively easy to do. I have now put it in my tutorial page at the top.

Ive been asked this evening how you use these pages, you treat it like a continuous post, you start by clicking on the tab and then you will find a pen on the left hand side, click on this and it will take you to edit the post you then add what you want as you would a normal post, then click on save and it will then show it on that page like a normal post. You carnt drag anything that youve all ready got on your blog but you can copy and paste things in the normal way as you would a normal post. Its just one continuous post. Hope this helps.


Crafty Chris said...

Thanks for that Shirley I did have one done and then didnt know how to add more will give it a go now.
Chris x

heidy said...

Hi Shirley,thanks for charing,I will give it a try
Have a great day
Hugs Heidy

Leanne said...

God Bless you Shirley. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while & am still waiting for a computer literate person who promised to help, some months ago, but, never found the time I guess. Thanks for sharing.

Rose Petal said...

Hello Shirley. You are such a STAR. I too have been trying to find out how to do this in order to arrange my blog too.
I am going to give it a try later on.
Many thanks for sharing this, I really do appreciate it.
Love Sandra xxx

Linda w said...

Fantastic, I did have this done for me, I wonder if I can add extra pages to it...you always want more don't you lol (or rather less, in the case of keeping your blog tidy) Will give it a try on my test blog first. Hugs lin

Crafty Chris said...

I knew how to add it but didnt know how to add more, now I need the time to arrange every into them,
Thanks again Chris x

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

this IS helpful - tho' mine shows "already added". i just need to shorten my titles!

yesterday's card is fabulous. i STILL have not attempted a "shaped" card. go figure - lol.

it's snowing today. just shoot me now - lol.

hugs :)

patriziawithaz said...

Another thank-you from me Shirley. I have looked at adding pages for a while but was frightened I might mess up my Blog and now you have given me the courage to try :)

patriziawithaz said...

PS. Done it thanks to your post :)

mansi said...

WOW!!thanx for all the info.and now on I dont have to struggle with my computer to add a page which I did'nt know till date.

Janette said...

Hi Shirley, oh this sounds brilliant, have often wondered about this, however, the way my blog is playing up right now, I will wait to have ago, hope you keep this handy as 'boy' will I need it.....xxxx

Kendra said...

Thank you soooo much! I'm glad you shared the info, 'cause I've been wondering how to do that for a while now!

Autumn Mist said...

Thanks so much for this Shirley, I really want to do it but couldn't work out how, it sounds so much simpler the way you've described it, I'll have to have a go.

Sue said...

Hi hun
oh you clever girlie, many thanks for the distructions to do that, sue,x

Pinkllilac said...

Wow Shirley thanks for sharing this, will be giving this a go.
Hugs Linda

Christine said...

Hi Shirley thank you so much for this info I need to revamp me blog so this will come in very usefull have saved it to me favs..

smiles Christine xx

Wishcraft said...

One day I'll get all organised and do this! Thanks for the instructions :o) Lisa x

Tracy said...

Thank you for the info Shirley, I will be using this in the future.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Livert said...

Thanks. It will be usefull.

Rainmac said...

Ooohhh thank you so much for sharing, I had no idea how to do it so when I want to I know where to come to help me do it!

sallysbitz said...

This is excellent info Shirley, but, I have tried it, got a page/tab added like you have explained, but how do you add things.

For example, I did won for blog awards, tried to drag a blog award to it, but did not happen!!!!
Any suggestions greatly recieved x

PS... thanks for the info about keeping a post at the top of your page xx

hugs sally x

Jules said...

Hi Shirley

Thank you so much for this.

I have often wondered how people have set up the extra tabs. You are one clever lady!!!

I must have a go at this once life settles down a little.

I looked at your tutorial tab to see how they work. I understand Shirley if you want to get rid of my Christmas tree tutorial and just have your own ones there. I don't want to clutter up your space.

I see you won ove at Penny Black Saturday last week. Well done!!

Hope all is good at your end.

Love Jules xx

Whimcees said...


I love this tutorial! I have wondered about this many times! Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sharing this information!

You have created many beautiful cards and I enjoyed catching up on all the posts I have missed!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Barbara Diane