Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Prayers for Joe

Can I ask you all to say a few prayers for my gorgeous grandson Joe today, as he had a terrible fall out of a tree on Sunday and has broken his left arm very badly, hes already had two operations on it and is now due for yet another today. (Ive just had a text saying hes in the operation theatre as we speak).
Hes in so much pain and his mum (my daughter Sarah) is staying with him and she is worn out from lack of sleep and worry, she said hes in so much pain that he is finding it difficult to sleep, its such a shame as hes such a gorgeous lad, hes nearly 13 and not going to find it easy coping with his arm as hes such a active lad, a real boy.
Please God the operation goes well and he will be allowed home very soon, take care my loves, just wish I could be with you and your mum, its just that at the moment my dear hubby Ian is also due for a operation on Friday and is finding it difficult as he suffers with diverticulitus and is going through the hoop with it at the moment, and this is his first time experience for him. Hes due to have some skin removed from his neck and Im so hoping that its nothing nasty or he will find that he will need to return for yet more to be removed.
Its a very worrying time so please can you keep us in your prayers at this difficult time.
The latest news is that his muscles and tissue is so badly swollen they carnt close the wound, hes having to be transferred to Stoke Manderville on Friday for plastic surgery on Saturday so they can transfer some skin from his thigh onto it to close it, they will then send him back to Milton Keynes Hospital on Sunday. Poor little lad, his mum says hes sleeping at the moment dosed up on pain killers. I do so hope they can get him sorted soon.


Chris x said...

Thinking of you all at thisw very difficult time, hope all goes well with your grandson and hubby too.
Chris x

Judith said...

Aw Shirley - what a time you're having - there's nothing worse than worrying about the health of a loved one. I'm sure Joe will be fine - he's a gorgeous strong boy - keeping him still will be the next problem I'll bet! Your poor husbands got you to look after him - now you just need someone to look after you- take care of yourself Shirley . I'm thinking about you and sending big hugs
Judith xx

Spyder said...

Poor you and your family Shirley. wishing everyone well and safe very soon.


Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Oh Shirley so sorry to hear about your grandson's accident! Wishing him a speedy recovery and fingers crossed for your husband! Hugs Susan x

Tracey Boley said...

Oh my you are certainly going through it.

Hope all goes well.

I follow your blog but dont normally comment -silly me lol.


Laine said...

What a worry for you Shirley. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated and take care.

Pamela said...

So so sorry to hear this Shirley, thinking of you all and pray all turns out well.

Love from Pam xx

heidy said...

So sorry to hear this Shirley ,you and your family are in my thoughts !!
Sending big big hugs your way!!


I'm so sorry that you and your family are going through such a rough time at the moment Shirley - you and yours are in my thoughts, and I am sending you all huge cyber {{{{{HUGS}}}}}.
Take care - Lots of love, Sylvia xxxxx

Patricia St Martin said...

So sorry Shirley to read this about your grandson, Thinking about you, Joe and your family. This has to be a hard time. Love and prayers.
Hugs, Patricia

cotnob said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandson Shirley, it's always so difficult when it is the children that are suffering - I do hope today's operation went well and that Joe is more comfortable.
I hope hubby's operation goes well on Friday, you will all be in my thoughts.
Take care.

Suzie Q said...

oh my goodness poor lad i can imagine how much you must be feeling for him x
i hope after this he has a very speedy recovery x

Anonymous said...

Oh Shirley, so sorry to hear about Joe, I will certainly say a Prayer for him and your family, hope all goes well with the surgery and things are on the improve soon
Big hugs Julie P

trudette said...

Oh the poor boy, and you , as a grand mum must be so hurt too.
I will pray for your family and hoop it will all go well.
big hug