Friday 12 July 2013

Updates on Joe and Hubby

I promised to keep you updated on not only my grandsons left arm but also my hubby who today had to have a large blemish on his neck removed, hes now home but as you can see hes looking rather sore and red, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the biopsy on the skin comes back negative and we can start to get over this.
And now for my grandson Joe this is him getting ready for the transfer to Stoke Manderville ready for yet another operation on his left arm, this time it will be for a skin craft to close the wound that was caused by the broken bones coming through the skin. Unfortunately Milton Keynes hospital were unable on Wednesday to close the wound because the tissues and muscles were still badly swollen, I just hope that this 4th operation will do the trick and he wont need any more, as he suffers very badly from sickness from the anaesthetic and I know exactly how he feels because it affects me like that to.
I just hope that it wont be long before he gets home again as his poor mum must be exhausted with all the stress of this last week. And thank you all for your support, prayers and good wishes for him.


Laine said...

You have been in my thoughts Shirley, fingers, toes and everything else crossed that all goes well for both of your boys. Take care.

Christine said...

Oh Shirley so sorry for your family sickness..poor Joe.. children are so resilient am sure he will be fine..
hes young & strong..your poor hubby looks tired hope the result come quickly for you both..big hugs sweetie,

smiles Christine x

Dunja Trautmann said...

oh my, i just read that today. I am so sorry to hear what's up at your family Shirley. I'll pray for Joe and your hubby, for all of you, that it will all be good as soon as it can.

Much Blessings & Love
Dunja x

Unknown said...

Fingers crossed for you all Shirley.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Hoping the bx results will be good news Shirley! Your grandson is still looking cheerful despite the problems, I am sure they will be able to sort him out at SM. Sending hugs Sisan xx

heidy said...

Thinking of you all Shirley!!
Sending big XXX !!
XXX Heidy

Wishcraft said...

Hope your hubby and grandson are fully recovered very soon Shirley... I also suffer with sickness when I have an anaesthetic, but I mentioned it last time and they gave me some anti-sickness stuff so I was fine. Hugs, Lisa x

Pat K said...

I'm so sorry this has happened to your Grandson Shirley..wishing for a successful op and speedy recovery. Hoping all goes well with your hubby's results too. hugs, Pat K x

Stef H said...

your grandson is very brave. keeping you all in my prayers.

Elaine said...

Sending get well soon wishes to both of your boys.
They've both been in the wars!
Joe at least looks cheerful on the photo, and I'm sure SM will soon have him fighting fit again.
Poor Ian, he looks well and truly miserable, fingers crossed the test results are clear.

Biggest hugs to you
Love Elaine xxx

cotnob said...

Hi Shirley, Jo looks like he's managing to keep his spirits up - I do hope his operation goes well and he is able to return home.
Your husband's neck looks very painful - I hope it heels quickly and the results are good news.
Will be thinking about you all.

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

Oh my goodness, Shirley!
How worried you must have been / are.
I will be praying for you and your family! I will pray for fast healing and that all results from these operations come back being good news!


Crafteezee said...

Gosh Shirley I've just been catching up. That was certainly some fall. My thoughts and prayers are with you all for both Joe and Hubby. Take care.
Hugs Tracy x