Sunday, 7 November 2010

Name Donna's Kittens

Donna over on has a competition to name 12 of Kenny Gs new kittens, now Im not to good at this but I hope my list gives you a bit of a laugh.
A. Miss Triumph
B. Miss Longboots
C. Miss Leading
D. Miss Sidesaddle
E. Miss Pussygalore
F. Miss Slinkyinblack
G. Miss Gingerknob
H. Miss Nightmare
I. Miss Bustyier
J. Miss Nightime
K. Miss Leatherchaps
L. Miss Twisteralot
Theres a fabulous chance that if you take part you might be one of the 12 winners that Kenny will pick.


Crafty Chris said...

Fantastic Shirley this was good fun great names.
Chris x

Anonymous said...

I am smiling

angelique (anlou) said...

you make me laugh hun
i'm so terrible with naming something, but you're funny
hugs angelioque

sallysbitz said...

LOl, love your names xx

Blimy, it seems quite hard & suppose you have to keep it clean Lol. I look at some of those images & names do pop into my head, but I will av to keep it to myself, bet I'm not the only one.
Well done for all your names xx