Sunday, 5 April 2009

My Magnolia Stella Bush

I sorry I havent had time to create a card today as Ive been food shopping it always takes my husband and I several hours to do it and then sort it out and put it away, and of course theres dinner to make as well.

Actually we always go to Cardiff and its a good 80 miles around trip, luckily we only go once a month so dont have to worry about it to often, and anything I run out of I can get locally. I must admit I find food shopping a chore so I am relieved we only go once a month, and although my hubby doesnt enjoy shopping, I tell him he eats it he can help me buy it and bring it home, as I dont have a car of my own.

Now getting back to my Magnolia, I took the photo on Friday when it was a beautiful day, but last night we had some frost so Im not sure how long its going to look as lovely as it is in the photo. Anyway hopefully I will be back to posting a card tomorrow or if not on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

oh shirley that is a beautiful bush. so pretty, it's such a shame that the flowers don't last too long.
hugs rachxx

Linnie said...

love your flower bush shirley

hope you enjoyed your shoppin trip

Bev said...

I don't like shopping either Shirley, unless it's stuff for my grandchildren or craft shopping lol.

Your Magnolia bush is beautiful x

Sue said...

Hi Shirley
glad you got your shoppin done i hate shopping for food, your magnolia tree looks beautiful, they are so pretty, sue.x