Monday, 3 May 2010

A Brief Tutorial of creating Roses

I was asked last night how I created my red rose at the moment I only seem to have this photo of a pink rose so for now I will try and explain how they are created, and in fact this pink one is a bit easier to see.
You start by punching out with the balloon punch 26 shapes, these are then moulded with my Teet tool which is a double ended tool for Floral Punch craft, I will I promise create some photos to see this in stages. The idea is is mould the balloon shape, then cut out 12 of the heart shapes, cut them into two mould them and stick them in the centres of the balloon shapes as you can see, this packs out the shape.
The actual rose starts a small circle and the petals are then stuck to the outside of this for the first layer and as it dries you then put a second layer in between the first set of petals, gradually filling up towards the centre of the rose, it takes about 5 layers, the centre of the rose is a long piece of paper and you snip the edge along and the roll it to then create a form of stamens which is then stuck in the centre of the rose.
I sincerely hope this helps to give you a start, I will stick another photo below for you see close up the finish roses. If you click on the photos you will get a closer view of them.


Rach said...

wow, a lot of work and so fiddly. they look so real though and well worth the effort.. xxx


Wow, these are stunning Shirley. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxx

Janette said...

They do look brilliant Shirley and I will try to do some.....just can't see mine turning out anything like for sharing.xx

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Thanks for sharing how you make these brilliant roses. I have these two punches so I have no excuse not to give it a go.
Clare x

Christa said...

wow great roses you make,thanks for your tutorial hugs christa

Sol said...