Friday 28 November 2008

Daisies and Magnolia's

Todays card was designed around the Magnolia flowers. Im not sure if we have the same sort of magnolia's in the UK as this is a design from the American, Susan Tierney Cockburn's book, so it maybe a bit of poetic license, anyway I liked the design of the flowers and decided to try and make them.

Firstly I used a cream/pale butterscotch paper, you need to cut out 13 medium pear punch shapes, 1 dark green 12mm circle, 1 dark green large snowflake, and 1 dark green medium snowflake, and 3 bright yellow small sun's.

The next step is to trim of all the stems from the pear shapes, and then to use a butterscotch marker to make shade lines. You then using the shaping tool mould the pear by running the tool across the pear from the stem end causing it to curl, after which you pick up the pear, and pinch the stem end and the top you curl over both of the top sides with tweezers to make it look more natural.

You then cup the circle shape and the large snowflake which is then attached to the centre of the circle. On this snowflake you attach 7 of the petal/pear shapes, which you leave to dry after which you attach the medium snowflake to the centre, and attach the remaining 6 petals too.

While these are drying, with the two sun shapes snip around the edge and cup these, the last sun you cut 2 thirds of the way across, pick up with a pair of tweezers and roll into a cone shape and stick the end down. These sun/stamen shapes are then stuck into the centre of the flower by dropping a small amount of glue and then fixing the two sun shapes in layers, making sure you dont push to hard, and when dry the cone shape is fitted on top.

The Daisies were an after thought, as the Magnolia's looked rather lost on my mounting, these are very easy to make with two medium flower punched shapes, cupping them and pinching the petals, after which you layer them, off setting the layers, the centers are finished of with a small flower punch in bright yellow, which is also cupped and turned upside down, and stuck on a small amount of glue which has been dropped into the centre. The leaves for pot flowers are, The Oak and the Birch Leaf.

The card itself is made from pale green pearlescent card, which has been embossed down the edge with my scor-pal board, and a vellum is overlayed and punched along the edge with an EK corner punch. The flowers and the greeting which was printed from my computer, are layered on my the new Label Die Nestabilities set.

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