Saturday 22 November 2008

A Very Big Thank You

Before posting anymore cards there are two thank you's that I want to give to two very special friends.
The first is to Liz Hobden, of Who has been encouraging me to start my own blogsite for quite awhile, shes been my mainstay and my supplier of a lot of my craft goodies. Unfortunately shes not always in the best of health, but she still there at the end of an email to give me the help and encouragement that I have needed. Thank You so much Liz, for always listening to me and being a very special friend when Ive needed it.
My second thank you is to Mandy Marriott, of and who without her starting her own blogsite and giving me the push I would'nt have delved into creating my own. She has also been a great friend, supplying me with craft goodies from her webshop, but the most important thing is she's been there when I have needed her, thank you so much Mandy.

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sparklybitsblog said...

thankyou shirley thats a lovely thing to say and im proud and honered to have you as a friend , im so pleased you have done this blog your cards are beautifull x mandy