Monday, 15 June 2009

My Very First White Peony

For as long as I can remember its been my dearest wish to be able to have white Peonies blooming in my garden, as Ive been in this house since 1982, I have had lots of red ones, but each time Ive bought a white bush nothing has come of it. They are extremely fussy plants, and dont always like where you put them, but my luck this year has changed.

Last year it had a bud and I was so looking forward to it coming it out, but all it did was shrivel up and die on me, but this year success, Ive got my first white one, mind you weve had some thunderstorms since this morning and its not looking quite so happy, but I did manage to get this photo before it happened, and I think its absolutely gorgeous.

Youve been asking about that rose, its enormous, its 5 inches across and 3 inches deep and believe me the scent coming from it is really gorgeous. Claudia asked about my rose plants, actually the bush this one comes from isnt all that big and isnt really happy where Ive got it, but the few buds that do manage to survive I bring indoors as they are coming out so I can enjoy them. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx


Sue said...

Oh Shirley what a beautiful flower, all your hard work has paid off, well done hun, sue.x

Vanessa said...

Yay for your first white peony...beautiful!

Janet said...

Wow Shirely! Well's beautiful!