Sunday, 14 December 2008

My Rose Picture

Todays blog is one that I promised to put up awhile ago, its the first Rose that I ever created and couldnt part with so I made the above picture instead.

As I have explained before the rose was made with the balloon, heart and circle punches, and moulded with the deet tool and then mounted by layering and leaving to dry. This does take a time to do but its certainly worth the work as it gives such a stunning result, if you'd like to read how to do it, I used the Leonie Em book 1.

The little white flowers are made with the four leafed clover punch, cupped and stuck onto the card along with the stalks which are made from rolled up green paper to give the illusion of stems. The rose leaves are created from the birch leave punch and the white flower leaves are with the oak leaf punch, but using a lighter green paper.

These are then arranged and stuck to a backing card, lastly I attached a yellow ribbon around the stems, then I have cut it to fit a picture frame that I like, I hope that you do as well.

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reynardnursery said...

what a lovely card , its so nice to see creative work . i myself have always been intersested in art in various forms, using (many years ago) flowers as paint.