Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Bit of Fun

Todays card was created for a neighbour whos absolutely dotty on horses and riding, so I thought the new La Pashe decoupage sheet from Flippin Women was quite appropriate.

The base card was created with My Craft Studio program, I used an A3 piece of card which I have folded in half and printed a scene onto, I then used the same scene for the insert as well but have put a white middle for the verse.

I did also print on oneside of the insert the whole design to put behind the acetate window that I have cut in the front. I also used the oval that I cut out from the front and put it directly behind the figure as it seemed to make it look right. To be honest I did take down the opacity of the insert so it looked a bit pale behind the figure if I had not put the oval over the area directly behind it.

When I had assembled the card I realised that I had the horse rather highly suspended in the air, so I found another picture that I have then manipulated to look like a fence and this gives the appearance of the horse jumping over it.

I did re-print the greeting onto semi-gloss photo paper and then mounted this onto gold mirri-card and then mounted this at the top of the card.

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sparklybitsblog said...

ha ha thats brilliant shirley love it so different x mandy