Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Card for Joe

Todays card was again created from the Robert Adams Card Pop-out Cd, and it was made for my 9 year old grandson. I find it quite difficult to decide what is right for them these days as they are really only interested in their computer games, but I just hope that this card will please him when the time comes.

This one is another of the Dinosaur designs, which I have printed straight onto card, it takes about 3 A4 sheets of card to print it out on, and another for the base card. I folded the base white card in half, and stuck to the inside the appropriate printed page, but I did print a verse onto this card first.

Once this was done, I cut out the two jaws for the pop-out mouth, I did use Glossy Accents to make the teeth stick out, and also on the eyes. There are lines to which the jaws are attached, its a bit tricky but can be done, I put the lower jaw piece on first then the upper jaw afterwards making sure that the top teeth were over the bottom ones.

For the front of the card, I layered up the image firstly onto dark blue card and then onto a pale blue, this was then stuck this to the front of the card. The greeting was printed onto a piece of a photo paper and cut and mounted again onto a piece of the darker blue card and stuck to the right top side of the card. I finished the card of with the glossy accents on teeth and nails.

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