Saturday, 21 February 2009

Coming Home

Todays post is something a bit different Ive decided to post a couple of photos of my eldest grandson whos been in the Falklands since last November and is due home in about 3 weeks time.

This has been his first long term posting abroad and its not been a particularly easy time for him, as a 28 year old man theres not a lot for them to do there, he sayes he's either been in the Pub or the Gym so heavens knows what he will look like when he gets home. But Ive been grateful that at least its been in a safe area unlike a lot of other poor service people.

Hes been in the RAF for 10 years this coming November, and has really achieved a lot, hes now a Corporal and even achieved Apprentice of the Year a few years ago. So you can understand why I am so very proud of him, I raised him more of less from a baby but definately for the last 10 years before he enlisted. And he did me the honour of giving me away when I remarried in 2000, as you can see from the second photo.

Unfortunately I wont be disclosing his name as I know that they really dont like you do that, and I dont want to put his life in danger.


Rach said...

Shirley he looks so handsome, i can feel how proud you are through your words... you must be so anxious and excited to see him..
Well done to him for all the achievements he has acquired throughout his service history...
hugs Rachxxx

Janet said...

What a handsome young must be very proud!X