Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Very Big Thank You

Firstly I want to thank you all for the lovely way you accepted my blog posting yesterday and the beautiful comments you left me. It wasnt something I would normally do, to publically show my loss, but I wanted to try and bring home how important it is for us to carry on the fight against cancer. I know there are lots of different ways of raising money for research but I felt that Michele had really taken on something that she was having difficulty getting people to follow and donate, as you and I both know the way the media force all these different ways into our homes and our minds, they bombard us and then try to get us to open up our pockets.

I wanted to show that it was a very personnal thing to me and if by showing and sharing a photo of my son I felt it might just encourage more of us to open our hearts and donate even a small amount to a very good cause.

Thank you so much again, and Ive posted another photo for you to see, this one is of my daughter and son together, I do hope you like this one as well. Both of the photo's were taken in December, 1964, when my son was 26 days old and my daughter was 2 years and 9th months old.


Rach said...

a wonderful photo Shirley. brings tears to my eyes.. bless.
I know that your son is still a big part of your thoughts and is forever in your heart..
big hugs sweetie.

Unknown said...

Shirley you inspire me!!!!! Big Hugs Avril xxx Love, love the Photgraph and want to have a cry. xxxx

cats whiskers said...

Hi Sweetie am finding it a bit hard to type at the moment as I have tears in my eyes, you are sp brave dear thank you so much for sharing this with us.
Huggles Jacqui x

Janet said...

You are welcome Shirley......what a wonderful photo. I am sure he is with you always and one day you will hold him in your arms once again. Take care sweetie
Big hugs Janet xx

Riet said...

Wowwww Shirley,what wonderful photo,so sweets.

Hugs Riet.x

michele said...

Such a lovely photograph. I love how they're gazing into one another's eyes. Thank you so much again. I have had another donation from another one of your lovely followers. I've got 11! prizes now that have been donated, so this weekend I will focus on getting donations and e-raffle tickets. Thank you, Shirley, for getting the ball rolling. I really appreciate it and will always remember it.

Sue said...

Aww Shirley beautiful photos hun, very special. hugs, sue.x

mueppi said...

When I read this sad, I always get tears in my eyes!
Hello Shirley
I am sure that he is aware of his angels, was well received!
One day, you put it back in your arms can close!
The photo is beautiful!
Unfortunately, my English is not so good!
Excuse me!
I hit you and send very warm greetings

Carole said...

What a lovely photograph Shirley, you are very brave to share such things with us.
Thinking of you.
Carole x