Saturday, 18 July 2009

Whiff of Joy - New Summer Stamp Kit blogcandy

Yesterday was the launch of the new Whiff of Joy Summer Stamp Kit, Katharina is now offering some blogcandy, which will be two sets of this stamp kit on her blogspot which is, If you go to click on this link you will be able to find out how to enter this. To pre-order these stamps just click on the side bar, this will end on the 7th August.

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Avril Ann said...

Gorgeous Card below Shirley, I love the summer Magnolia stamps, they are so cute. Love the colours you have used. I hope you enjoy your holiday with the grandson's, I enjoy having mines here all the time, although at the minute because of the weather he is playing Shrek 2 on the playstation and if I hear the "wicked witch" laugh one more time I will......go off to my shed. LOL. Thanks for passing the award onto me, I will mention it on my blog along with Christine, I still have to pass it on once I have figured out the link pattern with Firefox.... Many thanks once again, it is so good to have friends who care. Have a great day, and enjoy the Grandchildren.....Hugs Avril xxx