Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Card for Jack

My youngest daughter rang me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would create a card for her partners young lad Jack.

As the boy was 10 it wasnt easy to decide what to do for the best, so I decided to use one of the Paper Nations toppers and backing papers called Football Boy, which I bought from http://www.pantilespapertole.com/.

I cut and arranged the two backing sheets onto a piece of A4 white card and used a peel off to cover the seam. I then cut the main character out and mounted this onto card to give it an extra thickness, I then cut all the rest of the decoupage and mounted it on top of this.

I then decided to create his name with firstly my Paint Accessories program on my computer and saved the file to my Tabby Cat Template Program, and opened it in this program. Its a bit complicated to describe here, but if you have this program Im sure you have already used it before, you make the letters by cutting them out singley with a special tool in the program and pasting it onto a new sheet and colouring them with their palette of colours and textures.

After cutting them out I then glued them at the bottom of the card, I also printed an insert for the card of my computer.

I also created the greeting with my computer and stuck this at the top of the card. I just hope it was ok with the lad, its always difficult to gauge how boys take homemade cards, but I know my own grandsons love them and carnt wait to receive and discover what Nanny has created for them.

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