Friday, 23 January 2009

A Dinosaur for Sam

Todays card is one Ive made for a young lad for his 8th Birthday, and as its not always easy to think of things that will fire their imagination, I made this one hoping that it will do the trick.

Ive used one of the Robert Adams Pop-Up card templates from his Cd, and he gives you instructions how to cut the sheets out and build up the image.

I printed all the sheets, which there are 4 of them onto card to give it stability and then cut them out, and following the marks on the inside sheet you stick the two head pieces to them. Mind you I did stick the centre sheet inside the front sheet before I actually stuck the pop out head on. I wont say that I didnt make a few mistakes and had to reprint them several times before I actually managed to get it right, but I think the end result is hopefully is quite stunning.

I printed a verse on the inside piece before I stuck on the pieces of the head, I tried to make sure that I missed the body so it was necessary to move it right over by the edge of the card.

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sparklybitsblog said...

wow shirley this is something else i bet he will love it its awesome x mandy