Thursday, 15 January 2009

Watercolouring with the Art Impression Stamps

Ive decided after visiting Jak Heath's Crafters Kitchen blogspot that I will post some of my own cards created in the same way that she has with the Art Impression Stamps.

To start with the fence stamp has to be positioned down the front page (preferably on Watercolour paper) about a third up from the bottom, this is stamped with Stazon Ink and then you have to cut out across the top of the fence, with a bit of jiggling with a Stamp Positioner you can get the fence stamped on the inside page to more or less come in line with the front page.

The house is stamped with Marvy Le Plume pens which have been painted onto the stamp, after youve placed it on the page you bleed out the colours with a nearly dry paintbrush, you then stamp with the leaf cluster stamp as many leaves which you feel is appropriate, and again using your paintbrush bleed it out to make it look like a full tree.

The Cat and her kittens are again stamped onto a separate piece of card with the pens and painted again with the paintbrush and left to dry. You then cut them out and put to the side to stick onto the card when youve finished painting.

You can give the impression of grass by rubbing one of the pens onto a acrylic block and mixing with water to create a wash and painting it onto the paper. You can do the same with the sky, how you create the flowers is for your own creation, I use many different flower stamps and also with different colour pens just to create the effect I have.

The cat was positioned on the fence and her kittens behind it, when I use the cards I put a greeting on the outside and write a message inside the card. Sorry that the top photo is a bit tipped to the side, but I hope it doesn't spoil it for you.

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