Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I have received a really lovely Award from Poppy

I dont know what to say really, Im really surprised at receiving the most gorgeous award today from Poppy of, its a real fun award, and the conditions of accepting it is again to give away five things you probably dont know about me, and to pass it onto five lovely people.

So here we go, I will have to try and find some new things for you to know about me, the first thing is I remarried in 2000 to a really lovely man, after spending 20 odd years raising my three daughters then my eldest grandson. The second thing is we are of to Guernsey next week for a few days to meet a lovely friend who I made on Ebay many years ago for the first time, and to celebrate our 9th Wedding Anniversary, guess what its on the 9th. Thirdly my mum was the person who got me into crafting at a very young age, she taught me how to knit at the age of 7 due to my having some health problems she thought it was a good idea to keep me occupied. The fourth thing is although I have three daughters of my own I also have two step daughters with my husband, and the biggest secret is they are not just my step daughters they are my nieces, as I married my exbrother in law. The last thing is that luckily we are all one big happy family and I think of my new granddaughters as not only being step granddaughters but also being my great nieces and they are definately much closer than the usual as they are already my family. I should have also said that my grandchildren call him Gromps, so theres no confusion as they havent seen their actual grandfather ever, and its just nice for them to have any sort of grandfather. And my mum actually gets to know more family goings on that usual.

Anyway I hope I havent shocked you to much with my revelations and now Id like to pass it onto five people with my love and hope that they also enjoy receiving it

The last especially as she always makes me smile with her adventures, well girls I hope you enjoy this award, with love and huge hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxxxxx


Teresa said...

I knew someone once that re-married like you did, and their children confused the hell out of me before I knew. Her children by the first marriage called her husband by his first name as they had always known him as Uncle Tom, and their children had together called her husband Dad. The family used to play the game of "how long will it take for the question to be asked"? LOL

Spyder said...

Thank you sooo much for this lovely and very lively looking Award! Oho what can I come up with that people don't know??? Ummmmmmmmm? My Nan was the best story-teller (big fibber really!) and told such big whoppers, like where she was born, (Canada...not true) how many children she'd had, and that they'd all died, (not true)it all came out in the end but my Aunt still says her mother would've never lied. Nan even named two of her daughters by the same name, so in later years she could pretend they were the same child! (Why we never found out)She told my dad he was a twin! (not true either) but doesn't it add a bit of lovely mystery and spice to life!


brenda said...

Hi Shirly, well done, much deserved, you are a great blogging buddy to so many of us.

Have a good time in Jersey, hopefully the weather will be a tad warmer there.

B x

Jules said...

Hi Shirley

Sorry - cannot email you yet as I am at work (just having a blog hop in my lunch but not able to email).

I am still interested in the stamps if they haven't gone elsewhere by now - can't believe they weren't snapped up long before I saw them. (Of course you will know the one I fell in love with first).

If you email me your address I will get a cheque in the post to you. I won't expect to receive the stamps until this is cleared and in your account.

Congratulations on your award Shirley. Well deserved.

Love Jules xx

Poppy said...

Thanks for sharing those facts Shirley, I think its lovely to know a little about each other, or is it just some of us are
Hope you have a lovely break.

Unknown said...

Shirley what a much deserved award, and you have a lovely family by the sounds off it, I think anyone with you in the family is very lucky....Biggest hugs Avril xxxx ps enjoy your Anniversary and your holiday....xxxx

sparklybitsblog said...

thankyou so much shirley very much apreciated and sorry took so long to reply been manic here as always ,hope you have a fab holliday right 5 things about me
i own
i have been married twice and im hopeing 3rd time lucky
i have a level 2 in councilling and have done a psychology course and passed that
i also went to collage for flower arrangeing , wine making , and chinese cookery
my daughter is getting married this year and all my family are coming over from spain it will be the first time we have all sat down to eat at the same table for 20 years (cant wait )