Friday, 18 September 2009

Sorry to that Ive been rather illusive

My first Award was given to me by Polly of Im so sorry for taking so long to pass this onto some really lovely and loyal followers so I will now try to put that right,

My second Award was given to me by Lisa of so I have two lovely awards to pass on, sorry for not passing this on before but, its been a very busy time for me just lately, but I do want to thank you for the honour of passing it onto me and would like the following ladies to accept it as a very big thank you for your loyal support.

I hope ladies you will accept them and enjoy them, please forgive me if you visit my blog and find I havent let you know about them as we are of out in about 30 mins and I dont have time at the moment to leave a comment on your blog, please take and accept them with my love and very grateful thanks for your loyalty and friendship, I do so appreciate and treasure it.

I had a lovely email from my friend Janet of Pink Gem Designs last night as she was concerned that I wasnt well, as Ive not posted anything since last weekend, to be absolutely honest, its been a busy week and I havent had time to sit down and create anything, and it doesnt look as though Im going to be able to do so today. I really do need to make time over the weekend as Ive not only got my challenges to meet but Ive got at least 8 Halloween cards to make for my grandchildren. Anyway one of the reasons Ive been so busy is firstly Ive been trying to catch up with all those niggly jobs that you keep putting of, and also I had a hospital appointment to attend this week for medical photos and we spend the day out in Gloucester, so that didnt leave much time for crafting. Another reason was my hubby and I have decided we need to do more exercise, so yesterday we went for our first swimming lesson, now I havent done any swimming for about 12 years so you can image how I felt after 30 mins, Im absolutely shattered, and today we have to go and change some pants that I bought for my hubby as he doesnt like the cut of them.

I think its time I shut up and got a move on, so take care all of you lovely ladies and again thank you so much for bringing such love and joy into my life, it gives me a reason to live, as I really do enjoy creating and posting things on my blog. Take care with love and HUGE HUGS to you all, Shirleyxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Spyder said...

Oh My! I haven't been swimming for ages..the last time I went I drifted into the water, took my feet off the sandy bottom and ..sunk! I just could not float!! Once Hubby stopped laughing he bought me a very large rubber ring! Haven't tried since! Thank you sooo much for thinking of li'le ol' me for this lovely blog award! I'll post it on my blog a.s.a.p!

((BigHugs Lyn))))

brenda said...

Well done on the awareds Shirly.

Swimming, best excercise for you they say, I really should go more often but good intentions and all that.....

Have a good weekend.

B x

mueppi said...

Thank you Shirley, that you have thought of me again!
I think it's very sweet of you and am always glad about huge!
Your works are always beautiful and for me really great ideas for my cards!
I wish you a wonderful weekend and send very many dear greetings from sunny Dusseldorf
Big hugs Gisela

Christine said...

Hi Shirley congrats on your awards & many thanks for thinking of me..for this lovely award.. love swimming last went about 3yrs ago keep saying I must go again...have a great W/end.

hugs Christine xx

coldwaters2 said...

Shirley thank you, thank you so much for this gorgeous award I love it you are so lovely to think of me and I will willingly accept it lol. I like you have had no time hardly to make anything for the challenges it seems to be getting so difficult and the days just seem to rush by.
Lorraine x

mi sello personal said...

hi my dear Nannie congrat four your awards ...Hugs laura

Janet said...

Hi chuck,

Thank you so much for thinking of me and I am so pleased you are well!!
I have tried to upload the award but blogger is not letting me add photos/images for some reason xx