Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Has anyone any suggestions Please

I have a number of Crime and Detection audio tape books by authors like Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson and Patricia Cornwall, and I would like to donate them to a society that would like them, but I have no idea who might be interested, if anyone out there could give me some ideas I would be very grateful.
I must tell you there are quite a number of them and would need to be picked up, so its another thing to take into consideration, but I would be quite happy to give them to a worthy cause, could you please email me. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxxx

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Mandy said...

Hi Shirley, what about seeing what facilities/clubs there are for the blind or impaired vision in your area I'm sure they would love your generous gift. If you don't know of any ask at your GP's or eye clinic at your local hospital if they can put you in the right direction, can't think of a better cause than that
hugs Mandy xx