Friday, 25 September 2009

A Wonderful Surprise

Today I want to thank some really lovely people, I dont know how or why I have been so lucky since starting blogging nearly a year ago, Ive made some really lovely friends, they give me so much love and confidence to try and do better.

I find it difficult to accept that Im any good at this card making lark, and I suspect many of you do to, we went into crafting because we love to create something nice and hope that the end result is appreciated by those that come and visit our blog and leave such complimentary comments.

Since starting blogging Ive found such a lot of fantastic blogs, some really wonderful creations and some really lovely people, and the most wonderful thing is those people are so generous with their goodies, and today is no exception. I received a parcel from Lisa of and oh such lovely things were wrapped up in tissue, I want to thank her so much, and to wish her a speedy recovery, as at the moment shes not at all well.

There is one other Thank You I wish to pass on, its to all my lovely followers and they know I hope who they are, who say such wonderful things in their comments to me, I will try and not bore you with the Halloween cards, and I promise that I will do something different for the next two cards just to take a break from that theme. Mind you Ive still got two more to make so dont be surprise if they dont appear back again at sometime in the near future.

Well my darlings, thank you so very much for your very loyal support, with love and huge hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Mandy said...

What gorgeous goodies Shirley, enjoy playing with them. You are such a lovely lady and you make beautiful cards which is why we all keep coming back, and thank you for the kind comments you leave me. You are right about us not thinking we make nice cards but we are all our own worst critic
Love & hugs Mandy xx


How fabulous Shirley - enjoy your lovely new goodies. Your cards are beautiful and so is your blog. Long may it continue.
Hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...

What a great surprise!!

Christine said...

Wow Shirley this looks gorgeous..have to agree with you about the lovely peeps in blogland
I get lots of lovely comms. & inspiration from all blogs I visit & this means yours too...LOL.enjoy your new stash..

Hugs Christine xx

Zwissel said...

Hey Shirley.
das ist eine schöne surprise !
Danke für die lieben Worte ,
ich schaue gern bei Dir rein .
LG Doris

Kim Piggott said...

Oh what a gorgeous lot of goodies!
We love your blog Shirley and you!
kim x

KriskropMemories said...

Isn't it wonderful to receive fun packages in the mail!!!
Have fun with it!

Unknown said...

How wonderful Shirley and so deserved if you ask me. I love your cards and the ones that you sent me, will never ever be taken have such flair..I agree about blogland and the friendliness of our fellow crafters, which I find refreshing, as I have a couple of craft shops here in Edinburgh, where the owners are so "not nice" if you know what I mean, and before I found blogland I was getting very disallusioned. Huge Hugs and much much Love. Avril xxxx

Teresa said...

What a lot of stash you have got there. Like you, I find goodness all over the blog in Craft land. Hope you have a great day, and let us see the rest of the Halloween cards Pleeeese! :-)