Thursday, 1 October 2009

A really lovely Award from Angela

Im always stunned when Im given awards as its such a lovely way of your fellow bloggers showing how much they enjoy your blog, and I suppose Im one of those people who have been shocked and so grateful for the really lovely followers that come and visit my blog. You dont expect it when you start them and its such a joy to get to know all the wonderful people out there, I image it must be one of the nicest places around, and you carnt say that to often with all the horrible things that are taking place in the world. Even my own grandson is now serving in one place I would prefer him not to be, luckily hes only got about three weeks before he comes home again.

Anyway I want to thank Angela of for the really lovely award shes given me, and to urge you all to pay her a visit and see what gorgeous creations she makes, and especially at the moment as she has some lovely blogcandy on offer as well. Thank You so much Angela, and I will try to pass it onto some of my followers though as usual its so difficult to, when I have to miss so many of my lovely friends out of the list, please forgive me as I believe all your blogs are worthy of this lovely award.

Bless you girls for being such loyal followers and I hope that you will accept this award with my love and huge hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxxxxxxx


treesawardincrafts said...

Megga hugs to you Shirley for the award, I am delighted and will blog it straight away.

Fingers crossed that all goes well and your family are all together again safe and sound.



Zwissel said...

Hey Shirly,
Congratulations to a thus nice Award!!
The works are wonderful and they have earned the Award.

Many thanks for the Award please me gigantically.
lots of love from Doris

It is a translation programme what to me the text here allows to write. Sorry no English is able.

Claireabelle said...

Thanks for the award Shirley.

I love comming to visit your blog as your cards are just amazing!

Avril Ann said...

Shirley I will wear this with pride on my blog and right back at you my dear friend, you have been with me from the beginning and I have loved having you as a friend...Hugs Avril xxx