Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cards are wanted to raise Funds for MS

I have a 39 year old daughter who suffers with Primary MS, she has been diagnosed for the last 5 years but she has been suffering from it for longer than this, but wasnt aware of it., Brenda has MS as well, and is trying to raise funds for Addenbrooks MS Department, the same department that my daughter was diagnosed by, if any of you ladies would like to offer some of your cards towards this cause please click on the Rose picture and it will give you all the instructions you will need, to be able to send them to her. I have a few to post myself so I do so hope that you feel that this is a good cause worth supporting.
With grateful thanks love and hugs Shirleyxxxx


brenda said...

Hi Shirley,

Thank you so very much for your much appreciated support with my MS fundraising.

Support has been very positive so far and with more than a month to go, I'm hopeful I can gather a really good stash of cards to be sold on 28th June.

My best wishes to your daughter.

Brenda x

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Shirley I would love to be able to send cards for this cause and will follow the rose.

Lorraine x

Enfys said...

I will try and do something to support this very worthwhile cause when I get back to the UK.
En xx

brenda said...

Thanks for suggestion on my blog, two heads always better than one ! There is a hyperlink embeded in both their names, so added a bit more so people are aware and can find the adresses there.

Brenda x