Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sarah's Create and Craft Program

I want to remind you all that Sarah is previewing her beautiful new Craft Cd tomorrow at 11am on Create and Craft, Sky 671 and Preview 36, I do so hope you will be watching and enjoying her fantastic creations, shes one wonderful creator of images and designs and the papers are to die for.


Avril Ann said...

This looks awesome, I have set my tv to switch over at that time, I can't order from Create & Craft, unfortunately but I like watching for inspiration, My brain is going to be overloaded by the end of the week, which is not hard, LOL. Hugs my dear friend. Avril xxx

Spyder said...

Oh wow these look fabulous! I'll have to set it to record so I don't forget!

Jules said...

Wow Shirley - you have certainly been up to a lot whilst I have been away.

Some brilliant creations - especially your exploding box. I love that very much.

Sorry to hear about your food poisoning - that wasn't quite so clever!! I hope you are fully recovered now.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog whilst I have been away.

Take care

Love Jules xx

cats whiskers said...

Defo be watching cannot wait to see the CD and your samples
Hugs Jacqui x