Monday, 26 October 2009

A wonderful Award from Poppy and Birsel

Ive been awarded this several times before but I think its a wonderful award and Im always thrilled when its given to me as I think its such a personnal one, so thank you both Poppy of and Birsel of, but before I go any further I must apologise to Birsel for not acknowledging receiving this a month ago, as Id only just received it from someone else and didnt want at that time to give anymore of my secrets away so I have to really give it some thought as to what I can shock you with today.

The rules of accepting this award are that you must give five things away about yourself that isnt already known and to pass it onto five more worthy receiptants, so here goes. 1. Im a really big Teddy Bear collector. 2. We went shopping on Saturday and my hubby who bought me two more Bears and a gorgeous Gollywog for my birthday in a months time. 3. We had to have a new bath installed a month ago, and I made my poor hubby re-tile the bathroom, which he really didnt like doing. 4. We also had a shower installed today so hes now got to finish the tiling of. 5. We are moving his mum to a new Old Peoples Home in the next couple of weeks as the ones shes been living in is closing down next March, and weve been extremely lucky in finding one that only 9 miles away instead of over a 100.

Now I would like to pass this award onto five lovely followers of my blog, so here we go:

I hope you will all accept this award with my love and I must apologise that I wasnt able to pass it onto more of you fabulous followers as you are all my most ardent friends. Thank you so much for being you with my love and huge hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxx


Poppy said...

Thanks for accepting the award Shirley, poor hubby.

Zwissel said...

Dear Shirley,
many thanks for the Award!
Please me very much you to me has thought.
Because I have already got the Award of you, I make available the Award with pleasure another reader of your Blog.
lots of love and wishes Doris

Avril Ann said...

Well done to you, Shirley, you really do deserve all the Awards you get. Hugs Avril xxx

Spyder said...

Thank you so much for this lovely Award Shirley!! And thank you too for your comments on my Scary Cat card. It's just like my cat Frog (when she hides)...if she can't see's not there!


Spyder said...

Oh...and well done you on getting the Award, you blog rocks!!! Love all your cards!

montygonza said...

Thank you so much Shirley,
It will be an honor to accept this award from you. You certainly deserve this award yourself.


Swaantje said...

Morning Shirley,
I only get to you the morning.
I fell down stairs last week.
I could not do much that's why I was so quiet.

Thanks for your lovely award.
Many thanks for the follow my site.
I have made you on my blog, I hope I can leave the.
Ohhh my god, my English is bad,sorry ;o)

Have a lovely day,Shirley
Many greetings