Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Caught in the Act

For quite awhile each time my hubby and I walk up the steps to our back gate, weve noticed that someone or something has been turning and pulling up the moss on our lawn, if you can call it that, because we have a high fir hedge, grass just doesnt grow in my garden, so its turned itself to moss.

Anyway getting back to my story, we were sitting in the garden yesterday afternoon enjoying the sunshine, (guess what today its cloudy and no doubt it will rain again) and looking up onto the grass we watched the culprit having a rare old time, it was a blackbird and enjoying itself. My hubby rushed indoors to find my camera and I took a photo of him, mind you by the time Id taken it hed jumped up onto the fence and was away, but I thought youd like to see what hed been upto. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx


Rach said...

the blackbirds do the same thing in a patch in our garden.. little

mueppi said...

Hi Shirley
I am always happy to get such photos!
Mostly, I have my camera handy!
From tomorrow I am the proud owner of garden and since I will probably make a lot of photos and show!
I still wish you a wonderful day!
It is not raining but the sun has been hidden!
Big hugs hun from germany

Vanessa said...

Great caught the guilty party! :)

TeresaW said...

Oh how funny. It looks like someone is being told to get the mower out.